Anonymous: hi! i was just wondering if you know of any steve/bucky fics you particularly like set pre-serum or in ww2, whether AU or pre-canon?

alright alright alright!!! i have some here that fit the bill and some that half fit the bill and one that doesn’t fit the bill but #yolo

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MCU Bucky, Sam, and Steve

HeroesCon 20414 sketch

Bucky’s grin is a bit uncanny, but I never promised amazing likenesses for these.  We went the fashion route for these three, and I didn’t have too much focus on making them terribly character appropriate - I just wanted them to look goooood.

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it’s been brought to my attention that moonpants has disappeared from the internet and taken their iconic remus/sirius fics with them. but never fear, I AM HERE! and i come bearing gifts: 

i’ve uploaded them to dropbox so you can read them online or download the .pdf files if you fancy! you’re fucking welcome!

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So like everyone else I read JK Rowling’s latest snippet on the quidditch world cup and that, combined with burdge's amazing sketches made me want to draw cutesy lovey dovey Teddy Lupin & Victoire Weasley !

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There’s nothing simple about you at all.

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Anonymous: hi lottie, i have the complete works of maya and all but im kinda lost, do you know about any ~index~ or anything line that?? also how emotionally invested will i end up being w/ draco/harry if i read chains thanks

HI FRIEND, there’s a table of contents here

honestly i haven’t read chains and chained (or maybe i read it and forgot that’s a distinct possibility) but can i take this opportunity to recommend ~*~DROP DEAD GORGEOUS~*~ i.e. my favourite h/d fic of ALL TIME which will get you INVESTED AS FUCK, probably

if you’ve a ready mind (!!!!!), quality of mercy and underwater light are all h/d and worth checking out too. so is twenty years later or the kids are all right, which isn’t h/d but involves a lot of h/d interaction and great stuff about the kiddies, albus in particular. and we all know albus is the best one

here is the complete works of maya for anyone who is reading this like ????!!! ?!?!? ! !! !!

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Paul Delaroche - The Young Martyr (1855)

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Anonymous: (1) Hi Lottie, I have a question about the whole bisexual!Dean thing? Okay, so, while I agree television strongly needs bisexual characters (being bi-pan myself) I don't get the whole "Dean needs to be bisexual" obsession a lot of people from tumblr have. I mean, why Dean? Guy has said many times he has no interest in men. Why not Sam, as he has never said such thing? I don't know, it feels to me people are campaigning to get Destiel on tv more than actual representation.

(2) So what I was wondering is, do you want Dean to be bisexual or do you want him to be bisexual AND with Cas? (BTW, sorry if the message doesn’t make sense, English is not my first language.)

hiii okay firstly your english is brilliant!!! and secondly COME ON AND SLAM AND WELCOME TO MY JAM

why dean: 

there are sooo maaannnyyy rreeeaassoonnns why dean!!! so many!!! and i’m gonna try to explain some of them while keeping this as short as possible, otherwise i’ll digress and 9000 WORDS LATER… so:

supernatural was loosely inspired by jack kerouac’s ‘on the road’, the main characters of which are sal paradise (sam) and dean moriarty (dean). dean moriarty is bisexual in the book - he’s also based on (and by ‘based on’ i mean kerouac changed names for publication, everything else is the same) neal cassidy, a real life bisexual dude. dean has bisexuality right there in his ROOTS, yo

he’s also flirted with A WHOLE BUNCHA DUDES in canon (some of these are up for debate i GUESS) and made a lot of, uh, ~questionable~ comments. i was gonna say “you probably don’t need me to list them, haha, that dean” but then i realised you sent me this message so yknow what i’m gonna list some: coaching charlie through flirting w/ that security guard, “you’re the one that uses too much teeth, right”, THE AARON THING (we will get to that later), dr sexy i mean goddamn, the soldier’s butt in 1944, lifting up that quilt to check out naked dude’s dick/”“”birthmark”“”, “THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, SALTY AND SWEET”, “you mean the non-sexy kind of drilling, right”, knowing that there’s a gay bar in miami called purgatory off the top of his head, sam’s “are you gonna look at more anime or are you strictly(!!!) into dick now” comment, sam’s “WHEN ONE OF US FALLS OUT OF YOUR CLOSET” comment (and the way the camera cuts straight to dean lmaooo), and then there’s the siren

the siren!!! the thing that, almost 6 years later, we’re still fucking fighting about!!! dean’s siren was a dude. HIS SIREN WAS A DUDE. i don’t feel like i should have to explain this but people STILL try to pass it off as platonic or brotherly which is HILARIOUS because: “dean’s all mine”, “i gave him what he needed, and it wasn’t some bitch in a g-string”, “and now he loves me”, “i wanna fall in love again and again and again”. ah yes. so brotherly. so platonic. then there’s the fact that all the victims, regardless of who they killed off (i.e. their wife, their mother) banged the siren. the siren is SEXUALLY APPEALING to its victims and doses them through sharing saliva, and it wasn’t gonna change a thousand-year MO just to snag dean. you can bet that if dean hadn’t offered him his flask nick-the-siren would have slid across that seat and stuck his tongue right down dean’s throat

(PLUS sam and dean were CONVINCED the siren dosed its victims through sex, and when sam walks back into the motel room to find dosed-up dean with the siren there’s no reason for him to think otherwise and he just… rolls with it. like “oh my brother fucked the siren and now he’s under its control. uh oh.” #blest.) 

and yeah, dean has said multiple times through the show that he’s not into dudes/”i don’t swing that way” or whatever, but look at the situations he’s in when he says it: trying to play it cool w/ a croatoaned dude who might shoot him in the face, in a prison cell being taunted, in an alleyway with a creeeeepy dude. even if he WAS gonna come out randomly to strangers (which: ??? nah) that would not be the situation he’d do it in, and even out of those situations it’s not like the hunting community would throw him a pride parade and open a new chapter of pflag

which is a great segue into JOHN WINCHESTER, who fucked his children up SO BADLY i don’t even know where to start. talking about it GENUINELY ANGERS ME. john forced dean into a surrogate mother/caretaker, ~feminised~ role from childhood while also putting pressure on him to be SUPER HYPERMASCULINE BLAH BLAH CARS BEERS WOMEN and dean is slowly but surely clawing his way out from under the weight of that expectation and all the posturing, projecting and repression that came with it. case in point: dean smith. the show has canonically proven that dean born and raised without john’s influence is a sharply-dressed businessman who has a company car and does cleanses and drinks fancy coffee and talks to his assistants about project runway. like fuck john winchester, frankly

basically what i’m getting at here is that 90% of dean’s alpha male skirt-chasing I’m So Manly bullshit is exactly that: BULLSHIT that he constantly played up for his dad’s approval. dean’s never gonna be completely free of it (lol imagine) but, especially post-purgatory, he’s is growing into himself and letting himself be less what john expected and more what dean actually is, which includes a lesbian best friend, LARPing and a lot of really intense relationships with other dudes. and LOOK AT THE AARON SCENE!!! dean of s1/s2/s3 (arguably s4/s5 too) woulda shut him down faster than you can say heterosexual but dean DOESN’T, he listens and talks around the subject without explicitly denying his interest and gets flustered and embarrassed and DOES THAT SHIT WITH THE BADGE and then walks into a table on his way out because a cute lil dude told him to have a good night 

also fun fact: dean introduces himself to aaron as “agent bolan”. as in marc bolan. as in bisexual glam rock star. okay then 

why not sam:

there’s absolutely no reason why sam can’t be queer. if sam came out on the show i would be fucking ecstatic

but (AH YES THE BUT) on a personal level, i’m just not into it. like if he came out in s10 i’d throw him a fucking parade about it but in terms of meta and theorising and crying over shit and running a bonkers tinhatting sideblog, it’s all about queer dean for me. i just find the hyper/hypomasculine contrasts and the parentified child issues and the aggressive alpha male posturing slowly giving way to sensitive nerdiness and repressed bisexuality 10x more interesting

plus there’s just genuinely way more evidence for queer dean than there is queer sam, if you ask me (see me putting this ~personal opinion~ stuff here so i don’t have to deal with THE WRATH OF THE FANDOM). and like even on a base level, the show seems to push it without even realising it*: the glorious sam/ruby dean/castiel s4 parallels, NOT TO MENTION sam/amelia and dean/benny in s8. like holy shit. they may as well hire a fucking skywriter at this point

*and/or “they absolutely realise it and are cashing in on their dedicated queer audience without ever intending to canonise anything”, depending on how cynical and mad i feel 

so yeah i guess there’s no reason why we can’t all rally behind queer sam but there’s also no reason why we would, other than the obvious “make everyone queer” reason because, as far as i’m concerned, every single character could be queer and it would probably improve whatever show they’re residing in. that’s like, blanket. every tv show. queer everyone. why the fuck not 


if satan appeared in my room and said “girl, listen, i can make dean winchester canonically bisexual on supernatural right now. he’ll say it with words. he’ll kiss dudes and girls on screen and it’ll be explored properly and respectfully but it won’t be out of character or a punchline. it’ll be perfect. it’ll be everything you want. BUT he will never, ever, EVER end up with, kiss, or even look sideways at castiel again for the remainder of the show” i would be like “done deal, satan”. i would throw dean/castiel under a bus for canon queer dean without a moment’s hesitation and i wouldn’t even be sad about it. i’d go into the writer’s room and personally sign off on the episode where dean says that he’s bisexual but has never and will never think of castiel as anything other than a friend and a brother. my dean/castiel tag goes back 31 pages on my blog and i don’t even give a shit. i’d sign off on that episode and then pop fucking champagne afterwards

i would die on a battlefield for bisexual dean winchester. thanks 4 listening

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One of the Guys

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Title: Kids (MGMT cover)
Artist: Of Monsters and Men
Plays: 139295

Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir (vocals) and Brynjar Liefsson (guitar) cover MGMT’s Kids

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the all-new thor

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Kristen Stewart in ‘Just One Of The Guys’ by Jenny Lewis (x)

At roughly 2:35, Kristen Stewart waggles her eyebrows in suggestive delight at the viewer, then beckons to herself as if to say “Me? You? You? Me? Is this happening? Let’s make this happen.” Kristen Stewart contains more drollery in the crook of her little finger than you have in your entire miserable carcass.

You are a piece of shit and I hate you. I would cheerfully slide a knife across your eyelids to spend three-quarters of a minute looking at Kristen Stewart’s neck from a respectful distance.” [x]

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I’m not normally one to be a rabble-rouser, particularly on the internet.

But I really think the fandom forces of tumblr should collectively spam NBC about Constantine, and recent disclosure that they are straight-washing his character. (He’s canonically bisexual in the comics.)

If there is one thing fandom can collectively agree upon, there aren’t enough queer people in mainstream media. NBC is making an adaptation with an ALREADY QUEER CHARACTER, and making him straight. Bisexual men are a particularly under-represented demographic, and this is frankly the height of fucked up.

The good thing is, fandom can perhaps nip this problem in the bud. Although the show has been officially picked up by NBC, it is still very much in development. If we — the active fans of the world — collectively threaten to boycott before the show airs in October, we might have a good chance of forcing a creative shift.

So get in touch with NBC and make a complaint.


Twitter: @NBC || @NBCConstantine

Email Message: (under “Questions not found on FAQ page about NBC Entertainment”)

And please reblog this post. Spread the word. If anything is worthy of fandoms collective ire and criticism, it is this.


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Ouuuch. He’s meaner than he looks.

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