Anonymous asked: do you ship stony? hahaha


i would dip my arms in hydrochloric acid before i would let tony stark near steve rogers


This is a kid’s show


request by dreamyechoes:

mmm, um. Eames holding Arthur down during sex would be hot~” 

Anonymous asked: reading your clockwork princess answer made me wonder: what were your thoughts on city of heavenly fire, specifically the ending? because let me tell you, your rant about the end of cp2 can sure be applied to my feelings about the end of cohf

okay listen. i really liked the mortal instruments trilogy. i LOVED the mortal instruments trilogy. they had a spunky ginger protagonist and a bisexual warlock and a gay dude and INCEST, i.e. all the good shit the other stuff i was reading didn’t have. the mortal instruments trilogy meant a lot to teenage me. i mean, look at my copy of city of bones:


i have read it, and the other two books in the mortal instruments trilogy, so many times that the cover is falling off. despite all the Cassie Clare: Fandom Asshole stuff and the blatant lifting from draco veritas or whatever ad nauseum, the mortal instruments trilogy was my shit. 

what i’m getting at here is this: the mortal instruments trilogy. the mortal instruments TRILOGY. T R I L O G Y

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i don’t remember you

#fucking etch this into my gravestone

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Anonymous asked: DUDE BUT WHAT WERE YOUR THOUGHTS ON CLOCKWORK PRINCESS like it's been a year and i'm still not over it oh my god

where did this message even come from how can you remember me reading this book in march 2013 who are you 

okay so honestly i’m not gonna lie: the infernal devices - much like the mortal instruments, holly black’s modern faerie tales and the sookie stackhouse books - are the kind of books that when you finish reading them you IMMEDIATELY FORGET EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED and have to read the whole wiki page before the next one comes out. so my “thoughts” on clockwork princess are gonna be “thoughts on the bullshit cop-out ending of clockwork princess” because that is quite honestly the only thing i can remember about it 

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Title: The Windmills of Your Mind Artist: Dusty Springfield 1,067 plays


the windmills of your mind // dusty springfield

when you knew that it was over
you were suddenly aware
that the autumn leaves were turning
to the color of his hair

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The question I’m asked most often as a defense attorney is whether I can tell if my clients are innocent or guilty. I don’t care.


chris evans for flaunt magazine

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Title: Slow Show (The National cover) Artist: Coeur de Pirate 4,599 plays


I wanna hurry home to you
Put on a slow, dumb show for you and crack you up
So you can put a blue ribbon on my brain
God, I’m very, very frightening, I’ll overdo it

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Title: I Walked Artist: Sufjan Stevens 4,849 plays

I Walked — Sufjan Stevens

Lover, will you look at me now? I’m already dead to you…

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